Too many products are ruined by a lack of care in presentation or the overall user experience. I find it ironic since the very first thing the users interact with is the user interface, and often these very user interfaces can make or break a user’s day.

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As a former developer (10+ years) and latter designer, I can confidently operate between design and development teams, offering UX-design and -development services. I can make music and graphic design too — What a deal!

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🍭 I strive for joyful user experiences.

While working in projects of many shapes and sizes, I've learned that good UX can rarely be added as an afterthought. However, I know from experience how culture, or technical-/resource limitations can add road-blocks on the way. To me, a great user experience is something that not only is functional but also gives joy to the user—and I'm the guy that finds the cracks to make it happen, authentically, cross-discplinary, with honesty, and remote-friendly ways of communication.

I provide: UX/UI design (empathy, definition, ideation, wireframes, user-testing, prototype, mockups), web development, culture, processes, graphic design, illustration, 3D modeling, motion design, music, and/or sound.



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