Core skills

UX Designer

"What differentiates me from many other designers is my background in software engineering. I am aware of the frustrations from both sides, the people who make the applications, and the people who use them. I insert myself in between marketing and development teams while trying to wear the shoes of an end user. My designs often have a good balance between form and function. I don’t design for the likes on socials; I design to solve user problems."

Software Engineer

"I have a degree and a bunch of experience in it. I specialize in web development and in the visible aspects of applications. I've also been part of creating more backend-heavy applications, such as APIs, message queue systems, build pipelines, test automation, and piles of MVC code. However, my expertise lies on the frontend side of things—especially when it comes to prototyping and implementing UX. Let it be React, Vue, Angular, or plain Javascript; I don't care that much about what's under the hood, as long as it's serving the users."

Graphic Designer

"Drawing was one of my earliest passions, along with reading comics and playing video games. I used to doodle, scribble, and animate all the time. Nowadays, even though I may not draw every day on paper, this fundamental skill has shapeshifted its way to many fields of work, all the way from drawing pixel art to vector illustrations, from crafting UI elements on a page to modeling in 3D. The act of drawing Spider-Man, Sam & Max, or The Incredible Hulk from a reference in my youth still has an impact on everything I do today."

Composer, Producer

"Music has always had an important role in my life. I play several instruments, and I’m no stranger to playing in bands (30+ gigs). Though I don't consider myself an instrumentalist, more like a producer using various tools. I've done music all my life and I’m able to do it in commercial quality, let it be my own tracks, video game music for a gaming company, background music for ads, or even jingles for podcasts."


"I've been a part of software-related hijinxes professionally for about 10+ years now."



(Laid off)

  • Career Break (8-2023-12/2023)
    • "Patching gaps in skillset, finishing incomplete graphic design courses, evaluating entrepreneurship ideas, improving writing skills, practicing music production, implementing a new site, studying 3D modeling and animation, trying out new UX/UI tools, coding game prototypes, improving health, travel, journaling, reading books—gathering thoughts—and re-inventing myself after 10 years worth of day jobs."






  • UX Designer (6-2024-present)
    • "Building the user experience—whatever it entails."


Metso (Valmet)

Jyväskylän Sähkö ja Tele


Star Arcade

JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Metso (Valmet)

Insta Automation

Jyväskylän Sähkö ja Tele

Freelance (pre-2023)

"I did freelance work without a company for some clients in the past, Aiwo, Paytrail, Mega Cat Studios, Nuan, Rot, and Blue Ice Jewellery to name a few. Work included video-game music, sounds, logo design, wall paintings, podcast jingles, etc.."


"During my formative years, as a member of a musician association called REMU, I played with about half a dozen odd jobs and party bands, ranging from blues to jazz and country to pop. I also played drums in an atmospheric folk band called Eetla in 2014, which had one gig at Lounaispuisto. Then I've done some fill-in gigs, such as playing bass for a band called Nordic Summer and drums/bass for a couple of corporate bands."

"In 2013, I was a member of Pandatom, we did a 3D shooter video game in Unity with my friend. Then in 2016, I re-made the game in 2D with another friend as a unit called Basic Horse, that game ended up being a new game called Ghost Defense. In both projects, I worked on game design, code, music, sound, and 2D/3D assets."


JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Jyväskylän Ammattiopisto

Muuratsalon-, Lehtisaaren Koulu



California Institute of the Arts


Olli's development as a UX-designer and visual problem solver has been immense. He has an innate knack for creating beautiful and functional visualizations – building them from wireframes to full-fletched visual designs. Olli actively hones these skills through eager experimentation, iteration, and studies – continuously growing as a holistic designer. Olli is an endearing part of the workforce with his Finnish quality of humor resonating with all the people around him. –Aate Autio (Aiwo)

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Steering technical product development I was working with Olli in converting customer and business requirements to product UX, user interfaces and implementation. Olli takes responsibility in digging deep into requirements and communicating them and related aspects within the team. Where Olli shines is creating incredible end-user experiences that look graphically amazing. Also, there is never dull moment working with Olli especially if you have Finnish sense of dark humour. –Hannu Klemetti (Aiwo)

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

“I was the one hiring Olli. Never had doubts on him. Always was proud of him. Often was jealous about his height. We had many seasons together on product development adventures. Olli is an active, honest and open colleague. He is willing to give and receive help. He didn’t always agree and there were times when assignments did not tickle all his ambitions and desires - yet he played for the logo in his shirt. Olli is a multi-talent person and together with his personal characteristics and attitude towards work, he is really something. Man, I miss him.” –Vesa Kortteinen (Paytrail)

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Working with Olli is a real privilege. He is a creative thinker who always works hard and smart to get job done. You can always count on his help, vision and on his honest opinion. One might call him a UX designer, but really he is an artist. He is the kind of player you definitely want to have in your team. I would work with him again at any time and with great pleasure.” Saana Borgström (Paytrail, Aiwo)