Olli Suoranta (born in August 24, 1990) is a Finnish Frontend Developer-Designer. He has contributed to companies such as Aiwo, Paytrail (by Nets), Star Arcade, Solteq and Mega Cat Studios.

He spent his early years drawing, playing games, reading comics, fiddling with geocities, HTML editors and creating applications with ‘Klik n Play’. He produced music with cheap instruments, tape based machines and ‘Hip Hop eJay’. He also experimented with various forms of animation by using legos, toys, cut-outs and web-cameras. All of this was tied together by the power of Windows 95, without internet, then burned into optical discs just to be forgotten in time.

Later, after misadventures in the realm of electricity and automation, as a newly graduated 'Automation Technician' he took steps towards something more near to heart and soon graduated from ‘Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences’ as a 'Software Engineer (B.E.)'. Bunch of time was spent by watching Star Trek, having LAN parties, making music as a freelancer and learning Linux, Vim and LAMP servers along the way.

About three years of backend development at work made him to leap towards his natural interests, leading him into the world of UX. Nowadays he is passionate about designing and implementing accessible user experiences for all users. He is especially fascinated by life without social media, de-cluttering, design, privacy, human-condition, open-source movement and all that jazz..

On his spare time Olli is creating songs, sounds, scapes and smithereens with varied gear and instruments. His main influences and inspirations arise from CD-ROM based video game systems, deliberate limitations and music genres such as ambient, techno, funk and fusion jazz.

Currently Olli is working at Aiwo Digital as an UI Developer, doing design and implementation mainly in the world of React. He is playing Nintendo Switch games, collecting vinyl and practicing the piano, he also tries to re-kindle that childlike creativity and imagination by using his various Apple devices..