• A breath of fresh air

    I migrated my website from Digital Ocean droplet into GitLab (still using Jekyll). By doing this I’m able to run this website basically for free and it’s easier to utilize CMS systems such as Forestry.io which I’m currently using to write this very post.

  • Gyro controls on PS4

    I used to be a big time PC gamer, most of my youth (using both Windows and Linux), I played all kinds of games from Unreal Tournament to Jazz Jackrabbit and Monkey Island to Theme Hospital. I had a good time, but what made me finally switch into console gaming couple years ago was the simplicity, the quality assurance and lack of shovelware in storefronts. When I want to play, I want my games to just work, without configuration, every single time, with full controller and rumble support, on my sofa, without hassle.

    There has been one thing I’ve been missing though: keyboard and mouse on first person shooters. Aiming with a controller can be mastered yes, but there is no denying that it lacks precision, it’s great for strafing and circling around opponents, making big movements and such, but what comes to achieving quick and precise aims, it is hard. I’ve been searching for a solution since I wouldn’t really like to go back desktop gaming. I found all those keyboard or pad + mouse peripherals that HORI and SplitFish make but so far I haven’t ended up buying one. It just would feel like cheating since most of players still play with controllers, right?

    Then out of blue, while playing ‘Paladins’ it occured. What on earth is this “Gyro controls” option?

    I switched it on and I was shocked, it all comes together now. What gyro controls do is that they let you aim the crosshair by moving your controller itself, while not disabling the regular analog stick action. It’s like a match made in heaven and I cannot believe it’s not used more in console games. Now you can make your big movements and smooth strafes with em’ analog sticks and your precise aiming and following with gyro. I haven’t seen an option for this control scheme yet anywhere else than ‘Paladins’ on PS4 and ‘Overwatch’ on Switch but I sure hope it gets more common.

    It’s great.

  • What pop music of today needs?

    It needs saxophone, a whole bunch of nasty sax.

  • Collected Works, Vol. 2 - Out Now!

    Collected Works, Vol.2 @ Spotify

  • Jumping

    Everytime I encounter a game where you cannot jump, oh boy it makes me so anxious. I do not care if it’s unnecessary addition into the game, if there is a way to control the character with keys or buttons (not mouse), I must jump..

    ..even a little.