Olli Suoranta (šŸŽ‚8/24/1990)

Work Experience


  • Aiwo
    • UI Developer (8/2020->)
      • UI/UX design and development (React, Typescript, Node..)
  • Solteq
    • Frontend Developer (6/2019-7/2020)
      • Frontend development and occasional design for three large e-shops. Trying to make people buy more by implementing heavy UX changes with a tutti frutti mix of legacy and modern technology.
  • Paytrail
    • Frontend Lead (6/2018-5/2019)
      • Taking responsibility of UX/UI and Frontend (both design- and implementation-wise.) Implementing State Treasury requirements including accessibility improvements and new dashboard among other things.
    • Frontend Developer (11/2017-6/2018)
      • Building an idea of putting more focus into UX/UI and Frontend at Paytrail.
    • Software Developer (3/2014-11/2017)
      • Full stack development, co-operating with marketing by producing music, graphics and sound for ads and recruiting processes. Improving report generation and templates (PDF), tweaking e-mail templates, implementing refunds, building a bunch of message queues, creating conventions and installing module bundling system. Also leading projects such as renewing settlement/invoicing logic, payment page mobile responsivity project and total UI overhaul of ā€˜Merchant Panelā€™
      • Examples:
        Responsive Payment Page Responsive Merchant Panel Responsive Merchant Panel 2 Paytrail Team Sketch Paytrail wall art Paytrail process illustration Paytrail mascot Mobile responsive promo a11y accessibility script Paytrail kumppanipaiva Paytrail Himos ad Paytrail recruitment ad


  • Mega Cat Studios
    • Music Composer (Freelance) (5/2016-9/2018, 9/2019-10/2019)
      • Composing and producing music/sounds for PC / Super Nintendo / Sega Genesis and Nintendo Entertainment System games on my spare time. Using tracker software such as SNES GSS, Deflemask, Renoise and Famitracker. Also contributed to couple nesdevcompo entries: ā€˜Sinking Feelingā€™ and ā€˜Inherent Smileā€™
      • Examples:
        Sinking Feeling OST, client: Lauri Kasanen, Mega Cat Studios Inherent Smile OST, client: Lauri Kasanen, Mega Cat Studios zombie03.genesis, client: Mega Cat Studios coral.genesis, client: Mega Cat Studios skygoddess.genesis, client: Mega Cat Studios

  • Various Clients
    • Music Composer (Freelance) (5/2016-12/2019)
      • Examples:
        podcast jingle, client: Paytrail

    • Illustrator / Graphic Designer (Freelance) (9/2016-12/2019)
      • Examples:
        Logo design, client: Tattoo design, no client Logo design, client: Playtrail PUBG Team Wall art for Paytrail, client: Nuan Unused sketch, client: Nuan Unused sketch, client: Lutakonaukio Facebook page Logo, client: Blue Ice Jewellery Unused sketch, client: Rot


  • Star Arcade
    • Software Developer Trainee (5/2013-10/2013)
      • Building ā€œDeveloper portalā€ with Java and PHP (Zend 2) as a part of thesis.
  • Jamk University of Applied Sciences
    • Software Developer (5/2012-8/2012)
      • SkyNest project. Developing project management system called FreeNEST. Work included testing, development, bug fixing, support, debian packaging and learning to use various open-source tools (in ā€œreal-life scenariosā€) such as Linux, GIT, LDAP, Selenium, Robot Framework and suchā€¦
  • Metso (ex. Valmet)
    • Automation Technician (6/2010-8/2010, 5/2011-8/2011)
    • Automation Technician Trainee (5/2009-6/2009)
  • Insta Automation
    • Automation Technician Trainee (1/2009-4/2009)
  • Jyvaskylan Sahko ja Tele
    • Electrician (6/2008-7/2008)
    • Electrician Trainee (2/2008-4/2008)


  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) - Computer Software Engineering (2010-13)
  • JAO Jyvaskylan Ammattiopisto - Automation Technology / Technician (2006-09)


Front-end Development Responsive Web Design Musical Instruments Music Production Graphic Design Vector Illustration Illustration User Interface Design User Interaction Design Web Development Audio Production Logo Design Code Conventions Code Reviewing Open-Source Development Style-Sheet Languages Markup Languages Client-side Languages Server-side Languages Module Bundlers Task Runners Static Site Generators Version Control Systems Project Management Software Code Reviewing Minimalistic Mindset Code Editors Integrated Development Environments Web Accessibility Auditing Image Processing Vector Graphics Software Video Game Music Pixel Art Command-Line Interfaces Agile Methodologies Lean Thinking Music Composing Game Design Traditional Animation Cutout Animation Web Design Game Development Unit Testing Automation Tests Video Editing Software Development 3D Modeling Representational State Transfer Hypertext Transfer Protocol Web Application Framerworks Package Managers Relational Databases Key-Value Databases Shell Scripting Client-Side Libraries Message Queues UML Diagrams Finnish Language English Language