God damnit Dragon Quest Builders 2.

I always loved Minecraft, I spent hours and hours building “dance clubs” underwater, overly sized cubes and never-ending railroads. I had a lot of fun but there was always this empty feeling, there was no bigger intruiging purpose and much of the world was procedurally generated which I don’t particulary enjoy. Then I tried ‘Dragon Quest Builders’ demo. It all clicked, there was this unique handcrafted world, decent dialogue, fun characters and missions to do. I never bought the full version because I waited for the sequel.

Then it became available for me, I bought it, booted it. After long and boring ass tutorial mission at the ship, I enjoyed my arrival on the beach. It looked right, felt right, dialogue was snappy and so on. Then after a while I started noticing this pattern of every single NPC talking and talking and talking.. I started skipping dialog bubbles because I grew tired reading and hearing that click of popping text. Now I’m at a point where the game seems good but I’m not playing it because I don’t look forward reading all that text.

I hope it gets better but from what I’ve heard, it doesn’t.