Let’s dig up some old learning experiences from the vault, made in somewhere around 2015-2018. (Note. all these are poorly optimized and take a lot of time to load.)

Ghost Defense (desktop)

A project made with Juho Saarelainen, originally a 2D port of a game called ‘Trojan Defense’ (unfinished). Later grew into it’s own thing because we discovered that the engine was not as fluid nor professional as we thought. Backstory is that I misheard my co-worker recommending a Javascript framework called pixel.js, unfortunately he was talking about pixijs, not pixel.js. Unluckily there seems to be a Javascript library for every frickin’ word. This particular framework did work, but it was not finished. We finished our project though, it’s not that good and takes a correct position of moon to load in browser. Sometimes it just doesn’t. My lesson here was to do a better groundwork for future projects.

css-fish (desktop)

This is a “Freestyle Friday” project where I wanted to learn more about drawing real-time with CSS. I made this underwater scene with fish in a day with nothing but CSS. Here my learning experiences was that not everything needs to be done with Javascript.

cashoban (desktop)

An another “Freestyle Friday” project where I created a Sokoban clone in a day, nothing fancy here.

radio radio radio (desktop)

Here I wanted to learn about ‘Web Audio API’ and made this simple internet radio application with EQ visualization which plays SomaFM channels. The 3 button interface on this one is little abstract and it works only if SomaFM’s channel URL’s itself work.

tippuu (desktop)

An another “Freestyle Friday” project, I made a stupid falling dude with some parallax scrolled clouds and separate limbs. This was made in one day also, it originally had ‘Silja Line theme’ playing in the background. Dude can be moved by using keyboard.