• Dragon Quest Builders 2

    God damnit Dragon Quest Builders 2.

    I always loved Minecraft, I spent hours and hours building “dance clubs” underwater, overly sized cubes and never-ending railroads. I had a lot of fun but there was always this empty feeling, there was no bigger intruiging purpose and much of the world was procedurally generated which I don’t particulary enjoy. Then I tried ‘Dragon Quest Builders’ demo. It all clicked, there was this unique handcrafted world, decent dialogue, fun characters and missions to do. I never bought the full version because I waited for the sequel.

    Then it became available for me, I bought it, booted it. After long and boring ass tutorial mission at the ship, I enjoyed my arrival on the beach. It looked right, felt right, dialogue was snappy and so on. Then after a while I started noticing this pattern of every single NPC talking and talking and talking.. I started skipping dialog bubbles because I grew tired reading and hearing that click of popping text. Now I’m at a point where the game seems good but I’m not playing it because I don’t look forward reading all that text.

    I hope it gets better but from what I’ve heard, it doesn’t.

  • Accessible Code

    You shouldn’t only program your programs to be accessible, code your code to be accessible also, future programmers will rejoice.

  • Bye bye LinkedIn

    Up to this point, LinkedIn has been the last remaining Social Media for me. I deleted my Facebook account back in 2014 and for years I had this love and hate relationship with Twitter and Instagram. Then I ultimately came to a conclusion that they’re both huge time wasters which take more than give, I deleted them both last year.

    All these sites have very carefully implemented features, notifications and algorithms to make them seem important in your life. It is nice to see what others are doing, sure. But what is much nicer, is hearing about their life face-to-face, with e-mails, calls or instant messages. So, what about when your friends don’t feel like talking? Then instead of scrolling those endless feeds for something “interesting” and feeling miserable, use the time to do projects which give you real great pleasure. And when your friends feel like talking, talk directly and enjoy the true human experience.

    It always seemed that LinkedIn was the most important place to be, even it had the least to offer. There everybody was perfect, competent, nobody had anything actually interesting to say, besides corporate jargon. All it was for me, was a place to store my CV. When I was about to leave LinkedIn, biggest concern to me was that I would lose all my connections. But then I understood, if I don’t remember all those people in real life without LinkedIn, let alone approach them directly without social media, they’re not true connections, they’re just a bunch of random people.

    So, from now on I shall store my CV here on my website.

    Bye bye LinkedIn..

  • From the vault...

    Let’s dig up some old learning experiences from the vault, made in somewhere around 2015-2018. (Note. all these are poorly optimized and take a lot of time to load.)

    Ghost Defense (desktop)

    A project made with Juho Saarelainen, originally a 2D port of a game called ‘Trojan Defense’ (unfinished). Later grew into it’s own thing because we discovered that the engine was not as fluid nor professional as we thought. Backstory is that I misheard my co-worker recommending a Javascript framework called pixel.js, unfortunately he was talking about pixijs, not pixel.js. Unluckily there seems to be a Javascript library for every frickin’ word. This particular framework did work, but it was not finished. We finished our project though, it’s not that good and takes a correct position of moon to load in browser. Sometimes it just doesn’t. My lesson here was to do a better groundwork for future projects.

    css-fish (desktop)

    This is a “Freestyle Friday” project where I wanted to learn more about drawing real-time with CSS. I made this underwater scene with fish in a day with nothing but CSS. Here my learning experiences was that not everything needs to be done with Javascript.

    cashoban (desktop)

    An another “Freestyle Friday” project where I created a Sokoban clone in a day, nothing fancy here.

    radio radio radio (desktop)

    Here I wanted to learn about ‘Web Audio API’ and made this simple internet radio application with EQ visualization which plays SomaFM channels. The 3 button interface on this one is little abstract and it works only if SomaFM’s channel URL’s itself work.

    tippuu (desktop)

    An another “Freestyle Friday” project, I made a stupid falling dude with some parallax scrolled clouds and separate limbs. This was made in one day also, it originally had ‘Silja Line theme’ playing in the background. Dude can be moved by using keyboard.

  • Words I hate

    I’m not a linquistic snob or anything but I cannot stand the words stuff and thing(s). They’re just placeholders for something you don’t know a better name for, it’s lazy and gives nothing for the reader/listener. There is always a better word to use..