• Star Wars

    ‘The Force Awakens’ was a good movie. If you took it as fan service, it was an entertaining movie, it made people cheer at the movies and that’s not common at all in Finland. All the movies after that have been miserable, stupid and boring pieces of crap. “The Rise of Skywalker” was not an exception. It sure was not as bafflingly bad as “The Last Jedi” or those spinoff movies, but oh boy it still was bad.

    Doing more of the same just doesn’t work anymore. I’ve already had enough.

  • Hamburger Bar

    For some reason, I always get moved when I see an elderly man or woman standing in front of McDonald’s, looking scared and finally gathering their strength to walk across the place to the counter and say:

    “One Hamburger Please”.

    They’ll get asked: “Here or take away?” and they get confused.

    Finally they try to pay that one hamburger with an oversized amount of cash, then they walk to their table and wait patiently. When they get that one cheeseburger, they eat that happily for the longest time, proud.

    I’m only turning 30 next year but I’m already thinking am I able to get my burgers when I’m old. Does it require some cryptic hardware, weird slang, cyborg implants or will there still be people who care about people, simplicity and accessibility?

  • An another Friday

    Here’s something we often forget while living in a constant stream of stimulus.

    Even when everything is going excellent and you’re chasing your dreams according to your great plans, there WILL be days when life is just boring as hell.

    Those days aren’t redundant though, you’re supposed to be bored in life. You need to be bored to feel excited again. Being bored gives you the necessary contrast in life, or the initial push to start doing something new. Being bored is something to mirror against when you’re having those moments of excitement and joy.

    So, sometimes put your phone away and just be bored.

  • Now on Spotify!

    Yup, here’s a link.

  • Let there be light

    You know winter is coming when you toggle your keyboard backlight ON, just to make your hands warm.