As anti-social it sounds, I do NOT enjoy having long conversations or tutoring sessions explaining how your software could/should be developed. In my opinion software product, development pipeline, process or whatever should be designed with such clarity it can be drawn or written on a “single sheet of paper”. Then that sweet “sheet” should be put digitally (cough somewhere where it’s accessible for both newcomers and old foxes, no matter where they’re working from. This way there is no need to have endless face-to-face conversations over and over with various people and having silent information stuck inside conference rooms or in the minds of absent “key personnel”.

Basically in a nutshell, systems should always be designed with a mindset where everybody works remotely.

“Excuse me for interrupting your work but could you tell me how to setup my development environment?”

“Just make a funny face while running around the building for thirty times, this gives you an access to an installation script, if you have all the needed permissions of course. It requires you to have this very specific version of Python, so if you have anything newer, it WILL fail and then we need to contact this guy over here who’s in charge of updating our environments. And by the way, if after all this script still fails, it’s probably because it’s not fixed yet. This dude here was in charge of fixing it but he’s sick now. So, make a ticket about that for someone else and we’ll talk more later in a meeting. While waiting, you could study or something.. Byeee!”